Ronald Savage Calls For Ban of KRS One


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Last week  KRS One came to the defense of Hip Hop pioneer Afrika Bambaataa after multiple allegations of child molestation dating back to the 70s had surfaced.

Now molestation victim, Ronald ‘Bee-Stinger’ Savage, is asking the hip-hop community to ban KRS One from Hip Hop…

In a statement released to All Hip Hop Bee Stinger proclaims,

I Ronald “Bee-Stinger” Savage am going on record worldwide to state: KRS-One is the poster boy for keeping rapists and pedophiles safe.

He is a disgrace to every living man, woman and children all over the world. He poses a real threat to every child in this world.

He is worse than any catholic priest who has molested a child. Any DJ, radio station or video show still playing his music SHAME ON YOU.

KRS-One has offended the many child victims who have come forth after years of dealing with the pain of being molested by the Godfather of Hip-Hop, whom have taken this brave step for everyone who has ever been molested before, then to be slapped in the face by Hip-Hop’s own KRS-One, whom once was homeless and was embraced by the music industry with his testimony about being homeless.

Then to turn around and say that an alleged child molester, because it’s Afrika Bambaataa, should be untouchable and pioneers of Hip-Hop should get a pass if they molested a child is unforgettable.

I Ronald Savage, a child victim of one of the pioneers of Hip-Hop is demanding from the entire music industry, the immediate ban of KRS-One, from the music industry.

Stay Tuned.