Busta Rhymes Sued Over Age Discrimination Claims



Rapper Busta Rhymes is being sued by his former driver who claims Busta bullied him about his age…

Page Six reports:

Busta Rhymes’ former driver is suing Busta for loss wages and over-time pay and accuses the rapper of repeatedly mocking him about his age.

In his lawsuit 57-year-old David Jones claims Busta routinely yelled at him, ‘You drive like and old man!” and said things like, “I see you’re driving your age today,” when Davis refused to go past the speed limit or blow through red lights.

Jones also claims Busta once docked him four days pay for not washing his SUV and forced him to pay for replacement drivers out of his own pocket whenever he needed a break from his 15 hour a day job.

David Jones worked for Busta Rhymes for two years driving him around from 2pm to 5am for $100k a year.

Jones is seeking $10k in unpaid wages, $20k in unpaid overtime plus the $12k he had to pay for replacement drivers.

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