Are Duane Martin And Wife Tisha Campbell Involved In Bankruptcy Fraud?



This week news leaked that actors Duane Martin and his wife Tisha Campbell filed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy after falling $15 million in debt due to some real estate ventures gone bad.

Now the couple are being accused of hiding cash to avoid paying up…

The Jasmine Brand reports:
…on April 1st, the trustee of the bankruptcy headed to court and slapped Tisha & Duane with a federal lawsuit demanding damages and a permanent injunction — for allegedly diverting money they made away from trustee.

The trustee explains — Duane is a television actor and movie star a Tisha is a television actress and singer. According to the bankruptcy petition, they own 100% interest in a production company named XE Visions. The company produces music, music videos and ‘behind-the-scenes’ videos based on Tisha’s performances and XE Visions contracts with studios regarding her performances and receives payments for the shows.

A contract was entered into between XE and Woodridge Productions – a affiliate of Sony – who produce the ABC show ‘Dr. Ken’, for which Tisha is paid $45k per episode.

Two days after the couple filed for Chapter 7, the trustee says Tisha created another company named Won Hundred as a vehicle for rendering her acting services, despite her already running XE Visions that does exactly the same thing. He accuses the couple of creating the new company for the sole purpose of diverting post-petition payments she was receiving for her work on the ABC sitcom. The trustee claims Tisha was paid $47,500 gross and $39,500 after she paid her agency. Further, he says that Woodridge issues 4-5 more payments to Tisha totaling $185K that are being held by her talent agency for some reason.

The trustee accuses Tisha & Duane of refusing to hand over the money, since he says the payments should have been made to XE Visions NOT their new company Won Hundred, since the contract she has with Dr. Ken states she is to be paid via XE Visions.

He is demanding the judge grant a permanent injunction enjoining them from spending, using, transferring or otherwise dissipating the payments to Won Hundred and any other property or assets of XE until the case has been fully decided. He is also seeking damages for their actions.

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