Fox Has Ordered A Leathal Weapon Reboot Starring Damon Waynes



Comedian Damon Wayans headed back to TV in a Fox reboot of Lethal Weapon…

Fox executives announced on Friday that the Lethal Weapon pilot starring Damon Wayans as Roger Murtaugh had been picked up for series.

Here’s a quick synopsis of the show:

When Texas cop and former Navy SEAL Martin Riggs suffers the loss of his wife and baby, he moves to Los Angeles to start anew. There, he gets partnered with LAPD detective Roger Murtaugh, who, having recently suffered a “minor” heart attack, must avoid any stress in his life.

The show will join a multitudeĀ of movie-to-TV adaptations, including Minority Report, Limitless, The A-Team, Training Day, and Friday the 13th, some of which are already on air and others which are in the works.


The role of Martin Riggs has not been cast.

Stay Tuned.