K. Michelle Calls Adele’s “Blue Eyed Soul” Total B.S.



R&B singer K. Michelle is clearly not here for Adele or Sam Smith’s success.

In a recent interview with fans, the outspoken singer critcized the popular white musicans for getting more airplay and acknowledgement for their “soul” music then people of color…

Last week, K. Michelle hosted a screening for fans in Atlanta for the second season premiere of her reality television series “My Life,” which premiered Jan. 25 night on VH1.

The new season is said to focus on K.’s complicated dating life “while she travels from London, Los Angeles and Atlanta to record her third album,” the follow-up to her “Anybody Wanna Buy a Heart,” which topped Billboard’s R&B/Hip-Hop albums charts. Her previous album “Rebellious Soul” debuted at No. 2 and No. 1 on Billboard’s Top 200 albums, and combined, the albums have sold 500,000 copies worldwide.

During the Q&A session with fans, the part-time reality star didn’t hold back when was asked about the state of rhythm and blues.

K. Michelle went off saying,

“They allow White people to sing our music … blue eyed soul is some bullsh*t. Yeah, I said it!”
She asserted that if a Black artist put out something like “Hello”, it would flop.

“‘Hello’, that’s some bullsh*t, sorry. It’s a great song, great artist, but if a Black girl was to sing that very song, it would not get played on the radio.”

During the Q&A, K. suggested that the Black community is partly responsible for its artists not finding commercial success equal to white artists who sing R&B music.

“We sit around and call our very own artists flops, but we’ll run and go buy some blue-eyed soul …They don’t have to destroy us because we destroy each other,” she said.

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