Mos Def Announces Retirement From Music & Film Industry After Upcoming Album



It’s a wrap for rapper/actor Yasiin Bey, better known as Mos Def.

The artist has announced he is retiring from film and music “effective immediately” after the release of his final album later this year.

Unfortunately, it appears that Bey’s sudden retirement comes partly due to the fact that he is currently being detained in South Africa with no official way to get back the U.S…

According to reports, Bey moved to South Africa in 2013 on a visitor’s permit, which he overstayed. When he tried to leave the country via Cape Town last week, using a “world passport”, he was stopped.

“People in the state have taken punitive action against me, unnecessarily,” he said, suggesting “political motivations” were behind his trouble. “I don’t live in America and I have a right to domicile wherever I please. Without fear, or without interference.”

Bey’s troubles stem from the combination an expired tourist visa, and his attempt to leave the country using a “world passport”, though he and his representation claim that those documents have been used by others to leave South Africa in the past.

The world passport — as referenced above — was invented by an American man, Garry Davis, in the 1950s. In 1954, Davis set up the World Service Authority (WSA) to promote the idea of “world citizenship” – he had renounced his US citizenship in 1948 – and the world passport was intended to help stateless people and refugees. Davis used his made up passport in which he repeatedly arrested for doing so.

Not taking Davis’ errors into consideration, Bey received his world passport a month ago and proceeded to use it.

Although, WSA’s current head, David Gallup, claims that “South Africa has recognised world passports many times previously,” it appears they finally caught on and as a result, Bey is stuck in South Africa until authorities decided what to do with the rapper.

Bey recently vented his frustrations and current situation in a freestyle, which he sent to Kanye West (and is currently posted West’s site).

Bey raps, protesting his treatment in South Africa:

“Why these police up in my face? Why they raiding my place? Why I don’t feel safe? This is not an expression of fear. This is just to make things clear. My intentions are pure in coming here. And that’s for everything I love or hold dear. Homies in the building. So is my wife and my children. I committed no crime. Why is the state wasting my time?”

Clearly he has still not come to grips that he is NOT a world citizen.

Stay Tuned.