News: President Obama Steps In With 5M For Flint Water Crisis


The city of Flint in Michigan is finally getting the help they need as their recent cost cutting efforts backfired when they switched their water source from Lake Huron – where the water was treated by the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department – to the contaminated water that comes from the Flint River… Over the weekend, president Barack Obama gave the green light for the city of Flint in Michigan to receive $5 million dollars in federal aide to assist in the recent water crisis that has left the residents with contaminated water.

Before signing the emergency order, Obama described Flint, Michigan as an “impoverished area”, where the city’s tap water leached lead from corrosive pipes. The feds estimate it will cost $41 million to clean up Flint’s water supply.


The National Guard has now been deployed to deliver bottled water door-to-door to Flint residents. And the president has “ordered federal aid to supplement state and local response efforts due to the emergency conditions in the area affected by contaminated water,” according to a White House release.

The news initially broke when Flint residents bombarded social media with photos of discolored tap water, which officials said was safe to drink.




But residents complained that the water contained high levels of lead and other contaminants. CBS News reported 10 residents have died and another 87 people were diagnosed with pneumonia-like illnesses since Flint made the switch.


Some celebrities have started to reach out. Cher and Meek Mill have donated money to Flint in an effort to help.

Collection sites have been set up in major cities to receive donations of bottled water and water filters.

Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha, director of pediatric residency at Hurley Children’s Hospital, is credited with bringing the problem to the public’s attention after health officials dismissed her complaints.

“It was frustrating that it went on for so long,” Hanna-Attisha told CBS News. “Everything has been slow.”

Community activist Melissa Mays explained her frustration, “The state was telling everybody, ‘It’s fine, relax. It’s safe. They lied.”

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