Matt Barnes Drives 95 Miles To Fight David Fisher Over Ex?


According to reports, Memphis Grizzlies Matt Barnes drove close to 100 miles to attack his estranged wife’s new man, NY Knicks coach Derek Fisher…

Page Six reports:

Matt Branes left training camp and drove 95 miles to LA after finding out his former teammate, NY Knicks coach Derek Fisher, was dating Matt’s ex-wife Gloria Govan.

According to the source Gloria was hosting a bon fire for a group of friends in her back yard and Matt found out Derek was there and drove down for a confrontation.

The source claims the men had to be pulled apart.

But the real scoop is that Matt and Gloria’s divorce is not finalized and the house and car she currently drives is still in Matt’s name.

It is rumored that one of the kids called Matt and told him that Derek was over there.

Stay Tuned.