Rumor: Halle Berry’s Marriage On The Rocks, Couple Living Separate Lives?


Actress Halle Berry seems to be hanging on to the idea that she’s still in marital bliss.

According to reports, the end is near for her and her husband Olivier Matinez and Halle has gone as far as pretending she lost her ring to keep up the charade…

Last month, Halle claimed she hasn’t been wearing her wedding ring is because she lost it in January 2014 and hasn’t had time to get it replaced.

Unfortunately for Halle, Radar Online caught her in the lie as they noticed that Halle Berry was wearing the ring in October during a Michael Kors’ hunger charity event in Nicaragua.

Insiders claim Halle Berry and third husband Olivier Martinez have been living separately for months and that a divorce is inevitable.

Stay Tuned.