Madonna Calls Audience Member Enslaver During “12 Years A Slave” Film


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Madonna apparently made a scene during the screening of the film ’12 Years a Slave’ after she was asked to stop texting during the movie…

The Superficial:

Seen here with director Steve McQueen at the New York Film Festival, Madonna was invited to a special screening of 12 Years A Slave where she proceeded to text the entire time and marked those who would dare disrupt her unholy missives, according to Page Six:

A spy said that as the movie began, “a blonde in black lace gloveswouldn’t stop texting,” seated in a row with Jason Ritter, J. Alexander and Michael K. Williams. Finally, an audience member asked the blonde to stop, and the gloved one shot back: “It’s for business . . . enslaver!” During a roaring standing ovation, the blonde ducked out, and, “Sure enough, in black lace gloves, was Madonna!”

I like how Madonna was watching a very serious film about the actual life of a slave, yet felt the need to equate that with being asked not to text during a movie. Then again, had it been Schindler’s List, she probably would’ve said, “It’s for business… Holocauster!” Or Spider-man, “It’s for business… Tobey Maguire’s face!” She likes to take things to extreme. And read the entrails of her enemies to divine the future. That, too.

Stay Tuned.