Bad Girls Club Miami’s Tiana Dishes The Dirt On Her Bad Girl Cast Mates, Bullying, And The Drama




MSDTV had an exclusive interview with Bad Girls Club Miami’s Tiana and talked all things bad girls, attitudes, bullying, and what you should expect this season.

Check out our candid Q and A with Tiana after the break…

Tiana may be known as a bad girl, but don’t let that fool you. The young Harlemite is really a down to earth aspiring actress who has hopes of making it big.

Born and raised in Harlem, New York, Tiana has been through a lot – including a troubled past that has helped her to focus on brighter future.

While Tiana admits her personality and attitude may be challenging at times, she knows how to work hard…and play hard. Check out our one-on-on with Tiana below.


MSDTV: Do you model?

Tiana: I was very interested in modeling, but not anymore.


MSDTV: Why bad girls club?

Tiana: I have been a big fan since season 3…


MSDTV: How would you explain your attitude?

Tiana: Low on patience, I do not sugar coating things and I gotta say something if things ain’t right… My attitude came from growing up not having much and people always having something to say. I do not tolerate disrespect.


MSDTV: Who is your least fave on the show since Sarah is gone?

Tiana: Janelle because I don’t like females who try to perpetrate and front. She is not my cup of tea..


MSDTV: Who is your favorite cast mate?

Tiana: Jasmone and Gigi are my faves!! I love both of them. Gigi and I understand each other, “we just vibe”.


MSDTV: Do any past bad girls cast mates inspire you?

Tiana: I am a huge fan of Natalie Nun…. People may not agree…but she is very business savvy…. I just couldn’t get enough I even watched the repeats….


MSDTV: You have made it very clear that you are not a bully…why did you fight Sarah?

Tiana: I am not a fan of bullying because I was bullied growing up… what I did in the house is what I would do in the street…. I know how to read people and if I was at home and someone was fighting my friend I would jump in, therefore I don not regret pulling Sarah’s hair… I was not trynna be down or be a bully.


MSDTV: What can we expect from you this season now that Sarah is gone?

Tiana: Real recognize real all the time … what you see is what you get… funny moments to come… Tiana does not mind her business… but I do take the backseat when it does not involve me.


MSDTV: What has been your most favorite Bad Girls Club Experiences?

Tiana: When we went on vacation… can’t tell you why but just know it was unforgettable.


MSDTV:I watched an episode and it looks like things got a little steamy was that just fun?

Tiana: All fun and games! Things got steamy…a lot of sex in the air and the dice had us all over each other (she giggled).


MSDTV: What is your dating preference?

Tiana: Only dating women right now … enjoying the ladies…


MSDTV: If you could be with a famous person who would it be?

Tiana: Saving myself for “Chris Brown”.


MSDTV: I see some of your cast mates have the hots for Ray J…Do you?

Tiana: Ray J is magically delicious and very handsome …


MSDTV: Tell me something unique about you that others may not know?

Tiana: I never had an orgasm…with a guy.


MSDTV: Does your attitude keep you from maintaining jobs?

Tiana: Yes because of my attitude I got into and argument with a customer. On my first job I got into and altercation with my shift manager because she bullied me all the time…


MSDTV: What are your career goal aspirations?

Tiana: I am working on pursuing a career as a TV personality…. hosting, possible online show, and going back to school for public relations… sky’s the limit… not the last you will see of me!

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