Tavis Smiley Dragged Online For His Criticism Of Obama And Trayvon Martin



Is Tavis Smiley a hater or just impatient?

Perhaps a combination of both as the talk show didn’t think President was timely in his response to the Travyon Martin case and expressed his criticism of the president for taking too long …

Smiley took his thoughts to twitter:

“Took POTUS almost a week to show up and express mild outrage. And still, it was as weak as pre-sweetened Kool-Aid.”

Needless to say, according to theGrio, The backlash was swift and intense:

“I’m sending you the transcript as you clearly missed the speech, brother,” wrote MSNBC contributor Angel Rye.

Others told Smiley it’s “time to move on” and mocked him for having his “panties in a bunch” because the president “hasn’t kissed the ring.”

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