Billboard Says They Advised Miguel Not To Jump + Victim Suffers Brain Damage? [Video]


Miguel Leg Drop


The repercussions of the ill-fated audience leap is officially catching up with R & B singer Miguel.

After exploring her options last week, the young woman he kicked, Khyati Shah, says that she may have suffered brain damage from the incident….

TMZ reports:

In a possible move to shield themselves from liability, producers for the award show said that Miguel was advised NOT to perform the jump in rehearsals, but the singer insisted.

During his performance of “Adorn” Miguel got a running start before attempting to leap over the group of fans at the front of the stage, but he landed short and kicked one fan in the head.

An attempt was made to make the peace and the two were interviewed at the show.


While Miguel obliged producers with the interview he felt that was in poor taste to interview the injured fan while she was still nursing her wound.

“Are you serious?” Miguel said in an interview with a UK radio station.

“That’s kind of inhumane, but interestingly she was a really good sport about it… I was like super uncomfortable.”

Miguel added that he was “mortified” and helped escort the young woman to the infirmary after his performance was over.

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