Mr. Cee Addresses His Arrest And His Sexuality On Hot 97 [Audio]


mistercee   As reported by MSDTV, DJ Mister Cee was arrested in Brooklyn for soliciting a transvestite hooker that turned out to be a cop. According to Mr. Cee says it was all a set up… This morning, Ebro Darden questioned Mister Cee on the incident and Cee responded saying the hooker was a woman and tha, “I am not gay. ” Cee blames the NY Daily News for twisting the facts and reporting the hooker was a man when she wasn’t. Mister Cee explains,

“I pulled my car over on Madison and Broadway. As I was calling a friend of mine, I was approached by a female Latina. I rolled my window down. She offered to have oral s–. The undercover female officer threw out a price for me to have oral s–. She said meet me up the street to do this. I said no (and) rolled up my window. As I pulled off all hell broke loose and cop cars got me. Where I was, they were doing a sting operation.”

Later he added,

“Let me get a little serious. Earlier I said I’m not gay. Let’s say for arguments sake I’m lying, that’s my choice to lie. If I’m lying and I choose not to come out, that’s my choice. You know how many gay people are living in this world and have not came out. Some do (want to be secret). Look how long it took Jason Collins to come out. Gay people live with that everyday.”

“I don’t really care what people think. People have accused me of being gay for 10 years,” said Mr. Cee. “I’m not gonna sit here and really care…. I wear everything on my sleeve. When I’m telling you what it is, you have two choices. You’re either going to ride or (you’re) not going to ride. I’ve been going to therapy. I’ve been dealing with it. I can’t say that it’s not going to happen (again).”

Mister Cee finished the interview by announcing a “self-imposed hiatus”. Stay Tuned.

Update: Audio added below!