Scratch And Run? Steve Harvey Wanted For Vandalizing A Car At An Equestrian Event



According to reports, Steve Harvey didn’t think like a man – but sort of acted like a lady, when he and his bodyguard allegedly vandalized a car at an equestrian show…

Gossip Extra reports:

Steve Harvey was in Palm Beach to watch his 15 year old daughter compete in a horse jumping event.

To preserve a parking space at the event, Steve Harvey positioned two golf charts in a open space to save his spot.

However, when Steve returned to the event later in the day, the carts were removed by security and another car was parked in their place.

Reports indicate that Harvey was upset and  witnesses claim a man fitting Steve Harvey’s bodyguard’s description was spotted near the car that took Steve’s space, which was later discovered to have been deeply keyed down both sides, across the trunk and the hood.

Deputies questioned Steve and his bodyguard and the bodyguard’s drivers license will be used in a photo line up later this week.

Whoever is found to have damaged the vehicle could be charged with a felony.

Stay Tuned.