Mathew Knowles’ Baby Mama Wants More Child Support Plus Fears For Her Safety


Father of singer’s Beyonce and Solange, the legendary Mathew Knowles (who was responsible for launching Destiny’s Child’s career) is having some issues with the mother of his 2-year-old son, Nixon Knowles.

A few years ago, the public learned that Mathew and Tina (Beyonce’s mother) had secretly been separated for years, had officially divorced after learning he fathered another child with an actress by the name of Alexsandra Wright. While we hear very little about Mathew and Alexsandra, there seems to be drama unfolding between the two. TMZ reports that Mathew emailed an ‘ominous threat’ to his baby mama, saying:

“You hurt my family. There’s a price to pay.”

Alexsandra has filed legal docs, requesting the family court judge to increase her child support to include expenses for security to protect their child and private school.  Mathew currently pays $12,000 in monthly support. Stay tuned.

WOW! Stay Tuned!