Katt Stacks Released From Her Sentence, Says She Is A Changed Woman


If you’re unfamiliar with Katt Stacks (real name Andrea Harrera-Cardena), before being imprisoned, she was well-known for releasing a few sex tapes of well-known rappers/celebrities, as well as exposing their private lives, for the world wide web to see. This month, she was released and has had a change of heart. Peep a few excerpts of her interview with VLAD.

On why she was arrested by immigration: 

Well, I went to do an event in Nashville when I went to the airport they said that they couldn’t verify my passport–which is crazy because that’s the same passport, that [I] used to get from Miami to Nashville for the event.  Immigration picked me up on [a] deportation warrant that I had because they didn’t notify me or the lawyer that they had changed my court date to about two days earlier. For immigration to re-open the case it takes about thirty days [that’s] when I got caught up.

On her how she felt and her experience, being away: 

Two years….horrible. If it wasn’t for my family and Q of Worldstar supporting me and fans sending me letters and food to eat, I wouldn’t have survived.  I think when I went on visitation and saw my son behind the bullet proof wall, it was the worst feeling.

On how she felt when the judge ruled against her: 

It made me feel [like] ‘How are you going to deport a victim of underage sex trafficking with evidence from the FBI and evidence of domestic violence and you’re going to kick me out of the country when it was you country that made me a victim of trafficking?’. You going to try to deport me over entertainment videos that I had? Q of Worldstar made a statement that it was only publicity and I had rappers write letters to the judge that it was only for publicity. He still said ‘You got to go’; no matter what I went through in my childhood in this country he just said ‘Oh you out here, you trash.’ It got dropped because [we] appealed the deportation and I got the media involved and once they had media pressure they decided to drop it.

Meanwhile, in an interview with Miami’s Channel 6, she assures the public that she’s no longer the woman that she once was:

I kind of lost track of who I was and I became what they wanted me to be. Anything I do from now on is on a positive light. Not no more of the Kat Stacks ways.

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