Khole Kardashian Sells Her “Unmentionables” On Ebay


According to reports, Khloe Kardashian is selling old clothes, including used underwear, on EBay  so she can make room for a new wardrobe…

From Radar Online:

When it comes to the Kardashians, everything is for sale – including their used lingerie!

Khloé Kardashian, who launched an eBay site with her husband over the summer, recently added some of her personal items to be auctioned off with “a portion of the proceeds” going to Cathy’s Kids, Lamar Odom’s cancer charity. The items include a used sports bra, yoga pants and a silk bathrobe, and has the details.

“New year, new wardrobe,” Khloé tweeted on Monday with a link to her store, where she had recently listed several of her and her husband’s pre-owned items.

On the market for a sports bra? Khloe is selling a pre-owned “Aerie Fit Sports Bra Size S” with a starting bid of $.99.

The reality star listed a pair of pre-owned “Active Basic Black Yoga Pants Size Large” for $2.25, and apparently they are a hot commodity as they received 10 bids in just the first few hours taking them up to $5.50.

The priciest item in her auction is a pair of Brian Atwood Maniac Platform Pumps, which in the first hours were up to $158.50.

Over the summer, Khloé’s big sister Kim auctioned off a bunch of her designer garb on eBay as well.

Stay Tuned.