Australian Audience Upset At Mariah Carey’s Lackluster Performance


Australian fans of Mariah Carey are upset with the singer for subpar show and performance.

While the singer may have sold out the Australian leg of her tour mere minutes it doesn’t look like she will be invited back anytime soon…

The Brisbane Times offered their thought on Mariah flaccid attempt:

“The diva has turned into a downer… But Mariah has become a caricature of herself – and not in a lovable Dolly Parton kind of way… Mariah seemed too absorbed to give us much at all. She hobbled around the stage in heels, escorted by mystery males, touched her hair incessantly and disappeared backstage three times while back-up dancers and singers entertained a yawning crowd… “She flailed amid poorly refined production with awkward silences, unrehearsed lighting , uneven levels and a backdrop of graphics more suited to a 1998 Windows screensaver than a multi-million-dollar worldwide tour… And, to top it off, she didn’t even play the hits!”

Stay Tuned.