Beyonce Plans To Get “Ratchet” In New Song With Lady Gaga



Ratchet season is in full effect and it appears that Beyonce have officially be inducted.

According to reports, Bey and Lady Gaga are teaming up again for a ratchet new single written by up and coming rapper Azealia Banks…

From The Sun:

BEYONCE and LADY GAGA are finally preparing a follow-up track to their hit single Telephone.

The video to their 2010 song promised “To Be Continued” – now the sequel appears to be on its way.

A few months back Lady Gaga posted a snap of herself wearing earrings with the word “Ratchet” written on them.

Now Bey has followed it up with a snap of the same item hanging from her ears.

Gaga’s previously confirmed that she has a new song called Ratchet, which is co-written by rapper AZEALIA BANKS.

The track will be their third collaboration. The first was for Beyonce’s track Video Phone in 2009.

JAY-Z’s missus is due to sing at American football’s Super Bowl next month so she could debut the song with Lady Gaga then, in front of a monster TV audience.

Even Gaga can’t cause as much trouble at the game as M.I.A. did last year…

Stay Tuned.