Are Jay-Z And Beyonce Considering A Surrogate For Their Next Pregnancy? [Rumor]


According to reports, Beyonce and Jay Z are ready for another child, but are planning to use a surrogate (wait didn’t they use a surrogate for Blue Ivy) for second pregnancy…

The Globe Magazine reports:
A source tells me Beyonce and hubby Jay Z are anxious to add to their brood.”It’s something they both talk about at length,” reveals the insider.
“Beyonce wants Blue Ivy to have a brother or sister to play with, but at this point, she’s not sure she’s ready to put her body through another pregnancy.”
Pals say the pair are considering surrogacy as an alternate.”They’ve consulted with top fertility docs and searched out possible suitors to carry a second child, but haven’t made a definite decision.”
Stay Tuned.