Weekend Round Up: Angel Haze Comes For Azalia Banks + Miss Mykie Retires Her Fro-Hawk [Audio/Photos]



It’s looks like hip-hop has made it’s first beef of the new year – and it’s ladies first.

NYC rapper Azealia Banks, who is known to go off at the slightest irritation, has chosen her next target in fellow female emcee Angel Haze. Unfortunately for Banks, Angel (who clearly isn’t angelic in her rhymes) doesn’t seem like she invested in backing down anytime soon…

The Vulture reports:

It started with a tweet by Azealia Banks, proclaiming, “Seriously, if you were not born and raised in NY … DON’T CLAIM NY. YOU ARE NOT A NEW YORKER.” Buzzy rapper (though less buzzy than Banks) Angel Haze took that as a slight against her and in response tweeted the track “On The Edge” at Banks.

To which Banks responded this morning and recorded “No Problems,” which she said wasn’t “even really a diss anymore … just straight fly uptown NYC shit” but it sure sounds like a diss. Then this afternoon, Haze released “Shut the Fuck Up,” which is 100 percent a diss track. And that’s just the songs, there have been plenty of tweets on both sides. This all happened in barely 24 hours. Listen to all three songs below — it’s just getting started.

And in other – mildly relatable news… “106 & PARK’s” Miss Mykie has decided to retire her infamous fro-hawk.

Miss Mykie dawned her new hairdo on Thursday’s night episode of “106 & PARK” as part of her look for the New Year.

Not sure if we’re all for the side sweep, but that fro had to go. #Amen

In the meanwhile, make sure to check out 106th and PARK as they will be revealing their new set on January 15, 2013.

From January 3 – January 14 Bow Wow and Paigion will be live in LA, while Miss Mykie and Shorty Da Prince will be live from The Gansevoort Hotel in New York.

Stay Tuned.