Is Cassie Looking To Get Knocked Up By Diddy To Secure A Wedding Proposal? [Rumor]



Apparently Cassie has fallen victim to belief that she can change “the certified bachelor”, Sean, P. Diddy, Combs.

And according to the rumor-mill – she’s trying just that as she hopes to get pregnant to lock in a proposal…


Cassie has revealed to a few of her closest friends during Xmas she wants to have a baby by Diddy to secure her future. Cassie does not care if he is faithful to her. She just wants to continue living the luxurious lifestyle Diddy has accustomed her to. Cassie was really upset that Diddy spent so much time away with his babymama and kids in St. Barts and she wants to make sure it does not happen next year. She thinks if she gets pregnant and does not tell Diddy until it is too late for an abortion then she will be able to keep it.

She believes Diddy really loves her and will ask her to marry him with a 5 carat diamond ring while in Paris if she gets pregnant. I tried talking sense to her and so did our other friends but she is positive this is the way to go.

Stay Tuned.