Royce Reed Censored By VH1, Offers A No Holds Barred Report On BBW’s Evelyn And Shaunie


It’s officially tea time.

After spilling a few drops of hot tea on Evelyn and Shaunie recently after Evelyn Lozada decided to taunt her in an interview, Royce Reed decided to dish all the juicy dirt on the ladies  on her VH1 blog.

Too bad the network pulled the plug – but luckily for us, Royce added it to her Tumblr page I Am Royce Reed

In her post Royce makes it known that Shaunie O’Neal didn’t come up with the Basketball Wives concept, and that it was her, who was flown out to LA to pitch Basketball Wives to producers.

Royce also reveals the real reason Evelyn Lozada stopped filming with her was because Royce refused to back down from Evelyn and didn’t let her speak to her in a derogatory way.

Royce tells Eve,

“For you to have been a part of a show that was supposed to “Fix Your Life” and you’re still broken is a problem. At this point I just realize you’re a lost cause.”

“All your anger towards me is material. You speak on my clothes, but I own a house and 2 cars. You speak on my hair, but I can jump in the pool without worries or my mascara running. You stopped filming with me because I NEVER backed down to you. I never let you treat or speak to me the way you did to Suzie or Jennifer & you didn’t like it.”

Stay Tuned.