A Pirate’s Tale: ‘The Unsinkable Henry Morgan’ [Trailer]



MSDTV got a sneak peek at the new documentary by Michael Haussman, The Unsinkable Henry Morgan – that follow a crew of  experts as they work to locate the buried ship and treasure of the legendary pirate , Captain Henry Morgan.

Now this Sundance Film Festival doc will officially come to the small screen on the  Sundance Channel on January 20th at 9:35 PM ET. And of course, MSDTV has your sneak peek after the break…

Here a quick summary:

The Captain Morgan brand has partnered with Sundance Channel and award-winning director Michael Haussman to create The Unsinkable Henry Morgan, a documentary film exploring the myths and legends surrounding Captain Henry Morgan’s conquests in Panama. The innovative 30-minute documentary follows a team of prestigious artists and experts as they dive into the search for Captain Henry Morgan’s lost fleet, visiting historic sites and speaking with a colorful cast of characters who helped shed light on Morgan’s incredible impact on Panama today.

Once back in their studios, each of the artists drew inspiration from their experiences to create beautiful modern-day works of art that bring the re-imagined adventures of Henry Morgan to life. 

Check out the trailer below:

‘The Unsinkable Henry Morgan’ airs 9:35 pm on the Sundance Film Festival Channel.

Stay Tuned.