Jackie Chan Disinherits Only Son From His $130 Million Fortune



According to reports, Martial Arts super star Jackie Chan would rather give all his money to charity then to have it go to his only son…

From The National Enquirer:

MARTIAL arts icon JACKIE CHAN has kicked his only son to the curb – and cut him out of his $130 million fortune!

The 58-year-old “Drunken Master” star originally intended to split his estate evenly between his family and charity, sources say.

But Jackie recently announced all his assets will go to charity, and insiders say he’s told his 30-year-old son Jaycee Chan, a Hong Kong-based actor and singer, that he’ll have to fend for himself!

“Jackie was always working, so he never had much of a relationship with Jaycee,” a family friend told The ENQUIRER.

“He’s said he regretted not having Jaycee join the army when he was younger so he could have built up life experiences and character.”

Jackie married Jaycee’s mother, Taiwanese actress Joyce Fen Lin, in 1982. Their only son was born the same year.

Hong Kong actress and beauty contestant Elaine Ng claims Jackie also has a daughter, the girl she gave birth to in 1999. But he’s never acknowledged that child as his.

Meanwhile, his son Jaycee has struggled to build a successful career, despite the fact that his father is an international super­star.

Jaycee has appeared in 20 films, but most have been flops, including 2012’s “Double Trouble,” which earned just $9,000. His albums haven’t fared any better.

“Friends can’t believe Jackie would leave his family out in the cold,” said the insider, “but he’s a workaholic who believes everyone should pull their own weight.

“He’s told Jaycee that if he’s not capable of earning his own money, he’s not going to waste his!”

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