Woo-Hah: Busta Rhymes Sued By Sugarhill Gang For Not Paying “Rent” On Their Lyrics



Busta Rhymes is being sued by the legendary rap group The Sugar Hill Gang for using their rhymes and not paying up…

From Page Six 

Rapper Busta Rhymes has been busted over the lyrics from his 1996 breakthrough hit single. A copyright infringement suit claims Rhymes’ platinum-selling (and quite awesome) “Woo Hah! Got You All in Check” is a rip-off of 1980’s “8th Wonder” by old-school rappers the Sugarhill Gang. The Post’s Bruce Golding reports that the Manhattan federal court filing claims 20 percent of the lyrics in Rhymes’ tune were lifted from “8th Wonder,” which featured Master Gee’s refrain “Dang diddy dang di-dang di-dang diggy diggy,” and Big Bank Hank’s rap, “Woo-HAH! Got them all in check” (which has been sampled by many, including the Beastie Boys). Reps for Rhymes didn’t get back to us.

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