Xavier Players Rock “Sandy Hook” Basketball Uniforms [PHOTOS]


Xavier University is paid tribute to the shooting victims of Sandy Hook Elementary School by way of their basketball uniforms.The school’s basketball team debuted its new uniforms Saturday (Dec. 22).Comprised of Sandy Hook’s green and white school colors, the school’s name is written across the front of the uniforms donned by the Xavier Musketeers. Rather than adding traditional logos on the shorts and shirts, Sandy Hook is the only name planted on the team’s wardrobe.

According to hiphopweird, since the tragic shooting massacre occurred just over a week ago, many public figures have been vocal in calling for a shift in the nation’s gun control policy. Beyoncé was among the celebrities participating in a new PSA about gun violence, while President Obama has put together a committee to address the issue.

Meanwhile, the National Rifle Association (NRA) has offered its own solution to violent outbreaks, calling for guns to be allowed in school facilities to protect students.

Xavier is also auctioning off the used uniforms on GoXavier.com. All proceeds will benefit the Sandy Hook School Support Fund.


That was such a nice gesture, considering the circumstances. Kudos to them.