Sit Down Sir: Dr. Cornell West Says Barak Obama Doesn’t Care About Black People [Audio]


obama & cornel west


The headline might sound familiar – but surprisingly  – it’s not coming from such an expected like our temperamental Kanye West.

No, it appears that Dr. Cornell West is offering his take on the a shootings in Newtown, Connecticut and claiming that President Obama and other (unnamed) politicians are “cowards” who only care about “vanilla” children…

West, an open and frequent critic of Obama, refers to the soaring homicide rate in Chicago claiming the President did not care when “black folk” got shot in his own state.

“Not a peep not a mumblin’ word when the black folk gettin’ shot!” he said” But now Newtown (Connecticut), vanilla side, low in behold we got a major conversation,” says West.

Check the full audio from Cornell West interview on the “The Smiley & West Show” below:


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