Did The Judge In Tameka Raymond’s Custody Case Step Down Because Of Her Own Family Drama? [Rumor]


According to the rumor-mill, the real reason the judge in Tameka and Usher Raymond’s child custody case stepped was because of her own family drama…


As reported by MSDTV, Tameka Raymond had lost primary custody of her two youngest sons to Usher in August, but surprisingly seemed to catch a lucky break last week when the judge in her bitter child custody battle reversed her original decision and removed herself from the case.

Insiders tell¬†Mouth to Ears¬†that the judge’s removal from the case had nothing to do with Tameka’s accusations of bias, rather Tameka’s lawyer got her hands on some unsavory information about the judge regarding a fight with her nieces and nephews over her deceased sister’s estate that the judge does not want to become public

Seems like Karma to me!

Stay Tuned.