Rapper AP.9 Insinuates That He Had More Than Just A Few Photos With Ice-T’s Wife [Video]



According to west coast rapper AP.9, Ice-T may want check his wife – as he’s making it pretty clear it wasn’t just innocent fun and games with Coco…

As reported by MSDTV, last week pictures surfaced featuring Coco and AP.9 getting overly cozy during a night out in Vegas.

T responded online saying the pics were “disrespectful and in bad taste.”

Coco said the pics were harmless … and stated that she’s “happily married.”

TMZ caught up with AP about the incident:

This weekend, AP.9 was shamelessly trying to breathe life back into the story … because when he was asked about the rumors he was still bangin’ Coco, the rapper looked into the camera like he LOVED the attention and said, “That’s a RUMOR? Is that a rumor?”

He added, “No comment man.”

When asked if he was worried about retaliation from Ice — AP.9 shot back, “I’m from the hood … I’m not worried about nothin’.”


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