Rémy Martin Announces Limited Edition Robin Thicke Bottle



Happy Holidays from Remy Martin and Robin Thicke! The gorgeous crooner partnered with Rémy Martin Cognac and announced the limited edition Robin Thicke bottle. So on that special Christmas evening, while you’re with someone special you can play a little Robin Thicke in the background and spice it up with some Rémy. Check out the flasy yet sexy bottle!

The limited edition bottle features the singer’s signature and design that matches his cool, smooth music style.

Besides that, the bottle is appropriately clad in red, to match both the holidays and the mood.

“We are extremely excited to continue our partnership with Robin Thicke as a creative consultant for Rémy Martin V.S.O.P,” said Emma Medina, Rémy Martin senior brand director. “The Robin Thicke limited edition bottle is designed to offer a truly interesting experience while capturing the smoothness of both Robin Thicke and Remy Martin.”

The limited bottle, which sells for about $40, is out on shelves now, but could disappear before the holiday melts away.