The Game Of Thrones: Is Taylor Swift Batting For The Other Team? [Rumor]


Well, well, well.

It’s looks like Taylor Swift may not be the wholesome country girl that she’s made out to be.

Of course by now you’ve figured out she definitely gets around, but who would have thought she’s batting for a whole “other” team…


It is pretty well known in the industry that Taylor is into girls or has been at least..I am surprised more people don’t know about it. She has been involved with at least one other female I can say for sure in the industry who is somewhat known. Her PR team is good, it is all about image.

She was in a relationship with her previous fiddle player, Emily. The song ‘Breathe’ was written about her (as confirmed by Taylor herself). If I didn’t know better and just heard it on the radio, I’d assume it was a break-up song.

When her management found out, she was promptly fired because it tarnished Taylor’s ‘pure, wholesome Christian girl’ image. And her fan base is comprised mainly of religious, conservative country fans and their tween-age daughters. Taylor also made this video for Emily:

And someone who went to high school with her claims it was more well-known that she liked girls back then. Her PR is amazing, though. They know exactly what to hide, how to keep it hidden, who she should next be seen with etc. Notice how most of her relationships are perfectly aligned with what’s popular at the time? She dated a Jonas brother when they were huge, a One Direction member now that they’re the new hot thing with her fans, and Taylor Lautner when the Twilight craze was at its peak. The Kennedy kid established her ‘All-American sweetheart image’ and she dated Gyllenhaal when she wanted to break into the movie industry.

Stay Tuned.