Rihanna Posts A ‘Miss You’ picture to Chris Brown while he’s with ex Karrueche Tran


Rumor has it that after reportedly being angry with ex-boyfriend Chris Brown for flying to Paris to see his ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran Friday night, Rihanna tweeted a picture with an I ‘miss you’ message on Saturday. ‘Damn……. I miss my n***a #thuglife #BFFlife,’ the hip-hop diva tweeted.  Included in the Tweet was an Instagram photo of her with what appears to be Chris Brown’s tattooed arm around her. Check out this pic

The black and white photo comes just a day after the 24-year-old singer was allegedly sub-tweeting angry messages to Brown.

Rihanna’s sub-tweets included the messages:  “Goodbye muthaf*****,” “U give, then u get, then u give it the f*** back,” and “Round of applause: Claps for the basic B******.”

After his breakup from Tran, Brown has been spending a good amount of time around Europe with Rihanna, and the two have been posting pictures of it all via social media.

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