Rihanna And Katy Perry At Odds Because Of Boyfriends? [Rumor]



According to the rumor-mill, Katy Perry and Rihanna are butting heads because both can’t stand each other’s boyfriend…

From M Star:

Apparently Hollywood BFFs Rihanna and Katy Perry currently aren’t talking to one another – rumors have it that the songstresses are feud and talking smack about each other’s controversial boyfriends, Chris Brown and John Mayer! Perry evidently believes that Brown doesn’t deserve a second chance with the “Diamonds” star considering his violent actions back in 2009 – the “Fireworks” singer doesn’t think that any woman should tolerate such behavior (even if the man has “changed” for the better). Of course RiRi wasn’t about to let such remarks fly without a retaliation – sources confirm that the Barbadian songstress insists Perry shouldn’t talk, since her current beau Mayor is a complete sleazeball! Read on for the dramatic details involving the While Perry hasn’t dissed Brown publically, gossip has it that she constantly criticizes Rihanna for taking him back. The “Part of Me” songstress has let it be known that she doesn’t believe Brown should be given a second look – an insult that hit RiRi pretty hard. And the “We Found Love” singer is finally fighting back – a source recently told Star magazine, “She says Katy’s a hypocrite since she’s with John Mayer, who is one of the biggest sleazeballs on the planet!”

While Rihanna’s “sleazeball” comment may have just been a means of getting back at Perry for her hostile Chris Brown remarks, many of Perry’s close friends have actually expressed their concerns over her falling hard for the infamous Hollywood playboy. Mayer is known for breaking many starlets’ hearts (Jennifer Aniston, Taylor Swift, Jessica Simpson…), so Perry’s on-and-off again relationship with the acoustic bad boy has some pals worried.

For now, it looks like Rihanna and Perry are both sticking by their man’s side – which means this “we’re not talking” feud may carry on for quite some time. The Star inside source insists, “They’re really stubborn and both of them are in love with bad boys.” Apparently things were on the rocks between the two BFFs starting right after Brown’s domestic assault charges back in 2009 – Perry spoke to MTV News at the time:

“[Rihanna and I] had dinner, and that’s about it. I didn’t reach out to her after the incident. I think she is doing fine. I don’t know. Her personal life has probably already been blown out of proportion. I don’t really have to go into that. I’m sure she probably wants a break.”

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