Ice-T’s Wife CoCo Disrespects & Embarrasses Him While In Vegas


The old saying, “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” was NOT the case with Ice T’s wife Coco. Ice T, 54, and wife, CoCo, 33 has been seen in questionable pics with a rapper from Oakland named AP.9.

Apparently, Mrs. Ice-T (Nicole Natalie “CoCo” Austin-Marrow) was in Las Vegas participating in some sort of stripper show when she met up with the rapper and was seen having all kinds of fun with him.

As you can see from the pics, it appears that Coco is really entertaining the rapper. As one can imagine, Ice-T is not too thrilled about the pics. He tweeted

Coco’s in Vegas. She has given me her explanation of the pics on the net from her first weeks out there with some dude. She said he knew someone in the crew from our show and would pop up where ever they would go. He also said he knew me. I don’t know dude.

Regardless.. They would take Posed pics every time. Most of them disrespectful and in bad taste. She’s made me look.. And feel like sh-t.

I say this on Twitter because there’s no way to avoid the obvious misconduct of a married couple. That’s it. Any more questions ask @Cocosworld

Don’t get it twisted… I’m not happy about this sh-t.

Daily Game: Trust no one.

Ice later deleted the tweets, but when asked why, he responded:

“Why did Ice delete all his tweets about the Coco situation?/ I said my part. No need to promote the situation.”

So what’s CoCo’s excuse for embarrassing her husband of seven years? Here’s what she tweeted:

Woke up to people in a panic about some pics, please guys I’m happily married, sometimes fans & friends take silly pics. Its harmless. #RELAX

Ice is right, the pics I took with this man were in poor taste & I disrespected my husband however the pics were the only thing that happened

I feel so sad, the bottom line is I love Ice & I can understand why he’s upset theres no excuse for my actions. I’m so sorry baby & to evryone

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