Chad Johnson Admits His Role in Demise in Marriage Ending Between Reality Star Evelyn Lozada


Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson came clean about his role in his marriage ending between Basketball Wives of Miami star, Evelyn Lozada. The former football star admitted how and the reason his whole life turned sour in a matter of minutes.

In an interview with ESPN’s “First Take,” he said he started the fight between his now ex-lady. “There was a domestic dispute, for one, which was all my fault, because I’m living life the way it shouldn’t be lived. [That’s] why I lost everything I did,” Chad stated. “It is what it is. I made the bed, I’m laying in it. I paid the price for what I did wrong.”

He still refers to Evelyn as his wife. The head butt thing, he calls that a mistake.

“What happened was a mistake. That’s what happened. A mistake that I’ve continuously apologized for with the people that I’ve hurt, including my wife,” he said. “I think me continuing to say ‘sorry’ sort of drowns it out.”

Chad’s apologized to Evelyn for his actions and finds himself still fighting for her love.

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