Jay-Z To Score Music For The Great Gatsby Movie Starring Leonardo DiCaprio



Jay Z has plans to continue making boss moves in the new year, as his next major venture will be to oversee the music for the updated version of The Great Gatsby starring Leonardo DiCaprio….

From The Sun:

RAP superstar JAY-Z is undoubtedly one of the most influential men in the US at the moment.

His fingerprints are all over most of the best hip hop in the charts and he even helped his buddy BARACK OBAMA get re-elected last month.

But not content with his already considerable sway over the nation, he has now headed to Hollywood to have his say in the movie industry.

He is the musical supervisor on upcoming LEONARDO DICAPRIO flick The Great Gatsby – an adaptation of the 1925 F Scott Fitzgerald book to be released in the spring.

The movie is based in 1920s New York but director BAZ LUHRMANN wants to set it to great modern music – like he did when he teamed up with Leo on 1996 smash Romeo + Juliet.

So he has signed up Jay-Z to oversee the soundtrack to feature tunes from the New York rapper and other hot new talent chosen by the pair.

Perhaps we should start calling him The Great Jay-Z.

Stay Tuned.