Did Emily Bustamante Fight Fabolous’ Jumpoff At A Night Club In New York? [Rumor]



According to the rumor-mill, Fabolous’ long suffering baby mama Emily Bustamante apparently reached her limit the other night and went off on Fab’s new chick in the club …


From Diary of a Hollywoood Street King 

HSK has exclusively learned Emily B’s attack on the unidentified woman happened at the Big Apple’s Oak nightclub during the wee hours of the morning, Thursday.

We’re told after Emily spotted Fabolous accompanied by his new lady inside the club, she approached the pair before going ballistic on the chick. Sources say the incident caused the abrupt shutdown of the NYC hot spot.

Here’s the drop:

“Fabolous’ new chic and his baby momma Emily B, were at odds during the party. The bubbly was flowing before Emily stepped to Fab’s new chic — and fists started to fly! Emily’s def a fighter – she’s plays nice on T.V., but she’s really ratchet.”

Stay Tuned.