Scott Disick Doing The Most To Impress Kanye And His Hip-Hop Celebrity Friends [Photo]


Scott Disick may not be a rap star, but he sure can party like one…

From NY Daily News:

Kourtney Kardashian’s baby daddy, Scott Disick, isn’t too proud to buy Kanye West’s approval.

Kim Kardashian’s other half and Disick made for an odd duo at LIV in Miami Sunday night, where they partied into the wee hours at DJ Khaled’s birthday party, drinking and flirting with girls during their boys’ night out.

“There were tons of rappers and athletes there and Kanye was making fun of Scott being this ‘little dude’ around all of them. Then Lil Wayne joined in on picking fun at Scott, then Diddy [Sean Combs] too,” a source tells Confidenti@l’s Marianne Garvey. “Scott felt really victimized — those were his own words — so in order to fit in and be cool, he started spending money like crazy.”

The source says after much taunting from the rappers, Disick quickly threw down his credit card and racked up a bill totaling $15,000 in drinks for his table.

“Kanye and Diddy and Lil Wayne were giving him props for ‘balling out’ and started to warm up to him,” says the source.

After loosening up, Disick had the hotel’s owner bring a ton of girls to his table. They did not include his long-term girlfriend, Kourtney.

“Kanye got visibly uncomfortable with the amount of girls at the table because of Scott,” adds the source. “Scott was flirting, as usual, with them and offering them drinks and being really inviting. Kanye was just trying to avoid all the girls’ advances.”

After emptying a few bottles, Kanye “flirted a bit” while Diddy shouted, “Scott is a bad influence!” as he took some shots.

At one point during the night, Kanye reminded Disick that “nothing we do is private,” and texted Kim a number of times. Disick scolded him for texting, saying, “Loosen up! the girls won’t know. It’s not a crime to look!”

Disick’s hard-partying ways apparently wiped the “Gold Digger” rapper out. The next night, West was spotted slipping into Brad Pitt’s Cinema Society screening of “Killing Them Softly,” but skipped both the red carpet and the after-party.

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