All Ratchetness Must Come To An End: Katt Williams Gets Arrested At Local Bar In Seattle



After a very public rampage of riding around and obviously NOT getting it, police finally apprehended Katt Williams at a local bar on Sunday night…

According to reports police responded to a 911 call following a dispute between Katt Williams, several patrons and the manager of the World Sports Grille near Ninth Avenue and Westlake in Seattle, Washington.

Eyewitnesses say Katt got into an argument with several bar patrons, then brandished a pool cue at the manager while refusing to leave the establishment.

When Katt finally left the premises he allegedly followed a family out to their car where he flicked a lit cigarette butt through their open window an hit one woman in the face.

He also threw a rock at their car as the they drove away.

Witnesses say Katt struggled with police officers as they tried to load him into a patrol car.

Williams was booked into King County Jail at 6:42 p.m. and is under investigation for harassment, assault and obstructing police.

Stay Tuned.