iCan Get A Break: Chris Brown Not Charged For iPhone Theft

It looks like singer Chris Brown is finally getting a break.
As reported by MSDTV the pop star had fled Miami after snatching the iPhone of a fan who had taken his picture outside a night club way back in February.
And according to reports, C. Breezy was on the verge of being criminally charged as a violation of his probation. Fortunately for Chris – the courts decided not to throw the book at him…
The Miami-Dade County State Attorney announced Friday:

“The Miami Beach Police Department and my prosecutors have reviewed all of the evidence and taken the statements of numerous witnesses, many of whom were interviewed in California, and have determined we are not taking any type of criminal action regarding the incident.”

“We have forwarded our findings to Los Angeles for the probation case review after conducting the same process that every criminal case in Miami-Dade County undergoes.”

 Stay Tuned.