Tichina Arnold Covers BE Magazine’s Annual Holiday Issue [Photo]


Happily Divorced‘ actress Tichina Arnold graces the cover of BE Magazine’s upcoming annual Holiday Issue.
Check out the exclusive feature on Tichina as she opens up about her career as an actress, working with Fran Drescher on the new season of Happily Divorced, her life as a newlywed, and her personal connection to Lupis…
Tichina Arnold on her career’s longevity: 
“I’m definitely blessed to BE doing the same thing that I’ve loved & that I’ve BEen raised up with & that’s show business. To continue to BE in show business and to still have a body of work to display my talents & my gifts is just a blessing in & of itself. I’m just really happy that I’ve BEen doing it for over 30 years…I’ve BEat a lot of odds.”
Tichina Arnold looking back on the impact that ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ had: 
“That truly was an experience for a little black 15 year old girl from Queens. We didn’t think back then that ‘Little Shop of Horrors‘ would BE a big hit. We knew there was a lot of money BEhind it, but it was actually a slow burner when it first came out. Little Shop of Horrors didn’t catch on to years later & it’s shocking to know that to this day, people & kids still like it. It’s like it still almost has a cult following.”
Tichina Arnold on fighting Lupis: 
“My sister, she actually has Lupis, she actually has 7 diseases, so she has committed herself to working for Lupis & with the Lupis Foundation of America. I see how it affects her life & I had to get involved. We were traveling and when she [Tichina’s sister] was diagnosed with Autoimmune Disease, we had to catch a flight for an appearance & I’m walking thru the x-ray & I turn around & I’m talking to her & when I turn around and look at her, she’s just looking at me crazy. I’m like come on, let’s go & she says, ‘I can’t tie my shoe”. I had to walk back through the x-rays, so something as small as tying your own shoe can affect those with Lupis. That really had an affect on me…”

Look for BE Magazine’s Holiday Issue, featuring Tichina Arnold, to hit stands early December.

Tune in to the 2nd season premier of ‘Happily Divorced‘ tonight at 9:30/10:30 EST on TV Land.

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