Ryan Leslie Ordered To Pay 1 Million Dollars In Reward Money



Singer/Producer Ryan Leslie has been ordered to pay 1 Million dollars in reward money to a German man who apparently found his laptop while walking his dog almost 2 years ago…

GlobalGrind.com explains:

In 2010, Ryan Leslie lost his laptop in Germany, which contained valuable music, files, and an external hard drive. 

Desperate and distraught, Ryan Leslie hopped on YouTube and initially offered a $20,000 reward to anyone who returned his laptop safely.

Once Ryan didn’t receive any leads regarding the whereabouts of his laptop, the Harvard grad and music producer upped the ante with a $1 million reward.

Big mistake.

A German man by the name of Armin Augstein, who found the laptop while walking his dog, turned in the laptop to the German police department, who in turn, returned the laptop to Ryan Leslie.

This story would have ended well if Ryan Leslie would have forked over the promised $1 million reward, but he didn’t.

Upset over not receiving his reward, Mr. Augstein decided to sue Ryan Leslie for the hefty reward money. 

A New York City jury, who originally sent a note to the presiding judge that they thought “1 million was too high” and offered to negotiate a lower reward amount, was told to keep deliberating, and eventually found Ryan Leslie in contempt and ordered him to pay Mr. Augstein the promised $1 million. 

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