Bobbi Kristina Totals Vehicle In Car Crash In Georgia, Leaves Scene Uninjured


After suffering a serious car accident in Alpheretta, Georgia, last night, Bobbi Kristina has managed to leave the accident uninjured — but thoroughly managed to wreck her Chevy Camaro…

TMZ reports:

The accident just went down in Alpharetta, Georgia — law enforcement tells us a passer-by noticed Bobbi’s car all smashed up in an embankment and called 911. 

When emergency personnel arrived at the scene, Bobbi Kristina was standing next to her vehicle and appeared to be uninjured. 

Cops conducted an official accident investigation — and believe Bobbi Kristina simply lost control of her car while making a left turn out of her apartment complex … and drove over a curb and down an embankment, striking several small trees along the way. 

Eventually, the car came to a stop on a local park trail. 

After the investigation, cops issued BK a traffic citation for “failure to maintain lane.”

Cops say … it doesn’t appear drugs or alcohol were a factor in the crash. 

Stay Tuned.