Chinese Shoe Company Says Wendy Williams Stiffed Them On Wages, Owes 419K To Laborers

According to reports, Wendy Williams’ Adorn shoe line is causing major drama overseas.
A manufacturing firm in China is demanding Wendy pay up after she allegedly stiffed them on 12,140 pairs of shoes, causing one of their managers to be kidnapped and held for ransome in mainland China…

Media celebrity Wendy Williams’ failure to pay for 12,140 pairs of shoes that carry her logo has wreaked havoc on the owners of a small manufacturing firm in China, their lawyer charges.

The owners of Max Harvest International Holdings went into hiding this month after the shoe factory owner — who hadn’t been paid — kidnapped one of their managers in mainland China, according to sources.

The kidnappers held the man for two weeks before releasing him shaken but unharmed. The manufacturing firm’s owners, a businessman and his wife who do not want to be identified, fled Hong Kong, a New York based business associate said late Tuesday.

According to the Hong Kong couple’s lawyer, Staci Riordan of Los Angeles, Williams and her husband, Kevin Hunter, never paid their shoe bill which now exceeds $419,000.

She said they signed a contract last year to buy the shoes —part of Williams’ “Adorn” line.”Things don’t work in China the way they work in the United States,” Riordan said.

She said she has been trying for months to negotiate a settlement, but if it can’t be resolved soon, her client will file a lawsuit in Manhattan Supreme Court.

Williams, a radio personality who now hosts a daytime talk show on BET, declined to comment.

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