Celebrity Justice: Donald Trump’s Las Vegas Restaurant Shut Down By Health Inspectors


Donald Trump may be a loud mouth billionaire who often gets his way, but apparently the real estate mogul doesn’t have enough clout to keep is Las Vegas restaurant open…

According to reports, Trump’s Las Vegas restaurant was shut down by the health inspector for a whopping 51 health violations.

From KNTV:

We all know how Donald Trump likes to win at everything. But probably not this. He won Contact 13’s Dirty Dining award this week.

Chief Investigator Darcy Spears shows us why Trump’s signature Las Vegas restaurant was shut down by health inspectors.

Named after Donald Trump himself, the DJT restaurant in the Trump Hotel is described on the website as elegant and in a class by itself.

It is indeed in a class by itself this week — receiving the highest number of demerits of all restaurants health inspectors visited.

DJT was shut down with 51 demerits.

The biggest problem inspectors found was all the expired food. There are truly almost too many items to list, but we’re gonna try.

Here goes… In restaurants, ready-to-eat food can only be kept around for seven days.

Inspectors found veal stock and tomato sauce that was almost two weeks old, caviar that was more than a month old, cranberry juice that was supposed to be used three weeks prior to the inspection day, and duck that dated back to June.

Other stuff that had to be tossed included expired yogurt, peanut dressing and black bean chili.

Inspectors also say there was no parasite destruction for undercooked halibut and salmon.

Eggs, cream, cut tomatoes, potatoes, and sausage all had to be discarded after inspectors found them at unsafe temperatures.

There was a bunch of uncovered food in the fridge and freezer and some of it wasn’t labeled.

Raw tuna was being improperly thawed and inspectors found household roach bait.

And then, there’s the freezer leak. From the icicles to the obvious safety hazard on the floor, it looks like Jack Frost set up shop in there so it’s no wonder they got written up.

We went to Trump to find out how they let things get like this.

Darcy: “We’re here because of our Dirty Dining segment and you guys are being featured and we wanted to find out if there’s someone we could talk to about the health report… you don’t want any filming? Is anyone willing to give us an on-camera statement about the closure?”

Trump Marketing Manager: “No, can we send you a written statement please?”

And that’s what they did. In an email, Trump Hotel Management wrote, “We take these situations very seriously and all adjustments were made immediately. DJT opened within a few hours that same evening. We greatly value our guests, and delivering an exceptional experience to them is our top priority.”

Despite all the food they had to trash, DJT did indeed manage to get re-inspected the same day of the downgrade, and re-opened with a 6-demerit “A” grade.

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