Bobbi Kristina Plans To Launch Her Music Career By Recording Duet With Mother



According to reports, Whitney Houston’s daughter Bobbi Kristina in in works to record a duet with her late mother as a way to jump start her singing career…

The National Enquirer reports:

WHITNEY HOUSTON’s ambitious daughter BOBBI KRISTINA BROWN plans to explode onto the music scene in a big way – by performing a duet with her late mom.

The troubled 19-year-old, who’s already been to rehab for drugs and booze problems, intends to lay down her own vocals over the track to her mom’s 1985 breakthrough hit, “Saving All My Love for You.”

But the aspiring singer’s aunt Pat and grandmother Cissy Houston believe she would be “making the mistake of her life” by attempting to use her mother’s fame as a shortcut to stardom, says an insider. They feel she needs to work with a vocal coach to hone her skills. What’s more, Bobbi’s voice is much huskier than her mother’s.

“They really don’t match up for duet purposes,” noted another source.

Despite the criticism, Krissi plans to record the duet next year, so long as she can secure the rights to her mom’s hit song.