Lauryn Hill Apologizes To Chicago For Her Not So Stellar Performance

Lauryn Hill has not been having the best track record when it comes to performance.
The day after her concert in Chicago, Lauryn Hill apologized online to fans and blamed her poor performance on technical issues – although many believe it was Lauryn who had the issues….
According to Rhymeswithsnitch:
Nas opened for Lauryn but Ms. Hill didn’t go on until 11:30pm, more than an hour after Nas finished his set.

When Lauryn finally took the stage she rambled and ranted and half sang half spoke her songs so quickly the band couldn’t keep up with her.

Lauryn also stopped and started songs over and over again and would repeat certain lyrics in a disturbing loop before moving on to the next verse.

In the end many fans walked out in dismay.

 Stay Tuned.