Deja Vu: Katt Williams Gets Arrested In California For Assault [Video]



Either comedian Katt Williams can’t catch a break or he just need some major psychiatric help.

Yesterday the funny-man was arrested once again by police, this time in Oakland in connection with a fight at a club…

According to reports, Katt was arrested outside Kimball’s Carnival in East Oakland around 3 AM last night. The alleged fight took place at a hotel near the club and law enforcement is investigating allegations that Katt hit someone over the head with a bottle.

Katt was brought to a police station for questioning and has now been released pending further investigation.


Today, footage surfaced of Katt right before the fight went down. While being handcuffed Katt is heard explaining:

“There’s four dudes and one of me and I beat the breaks off the nigga in front of his b***h in a rap contest.”

As reported by MSDTV, the actor was detained in L.A. after allegedly pulling a gun on actor Faizon Love last month. He was released from custody without charges.

And in 2010, cops in Atlanta had also issued an arrest warrant for Katt over an alleged battery at a 4 Seasons Hotel.

Katt, get a GRIP.

Stay Tuned.